Tuesday, December 07, 2004

The Good News

I don't want it to sound like there's nothing good about the gaming industry. There are a lot of plusses, some of which you might not think of. It's a very casual environment. No suit and tie required. Almost everyone you work with will be as big of a game nut as you are. You can ask, "Do you remember [any game ever made] for the [any system ever made]?" and someone within earshot will say "I loved that game!" instead of staring at you blankly. You'll have the chance to work on projects where you make things explode. How many jobs can say that? You'll be creating something that people everywhere will want to play (you hope), sometimes on the order of millions of people. When you have time to kill, which does happen every now and then, you can say things like, "I wonder what would happen if I made the main character 100 feet tall?" and do it. Or you can sit back and play the game for fun, months or years before the public can. It is a very cool job to have, but if it was easy, as they say, everyone would do it.


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